The Watertight Push Fit – Non Return Valve (NRV)

Non return valve. About half of all flood claims are due to internal flooding caused by surcharged sewerage pipes. This causes ‘foul’ water to flood the property from the inside by flowing back via toilets, plug holes, waste pipes and so on. No matter how many flood barriers or how good your wall sealant, they do not protect against flooding from inside.

The traditional solution to this problem has been to sink a new manhole outside the property and fit non return valves to eliminate the possibility. But this is a very expensive and time consuming process and we thought that there must be a better way!

Rats getting into toilet
Our non return valve is designed to also prevent rats from climbing into the sewer pipe and out of your toilet. Do not get a nasty surprise and easily install our Sewer Defender today.

Toilet outlet for installing the valve
As a result of these above problems, we have designed and patented a unique Non Return Valve that will simply push-in to your current pipework. Equally as effective as the traditional solution the valves can be fitted in minutes and do not require any specialist expertise or equipment

Back Water Non Return Valve for 100mm dia Clay/Salt Glazed/Concrete pipes. WRc Approved PT/314/0111

Backwater Non Return Valve for 110 mm & 160 dia. Plastic Underground Drainage Pipes. WRc Approved PT/314/0111