KESSEL Basement drain Drehfix ® with twin flap backwater valve and odour trap in ABS, Ø 110 lateral outlet 2.5°, 1.8 l/sec flow rate.

With/without removable twin flap backwater valve and emergency closure which can be locked by hand. With odour trap. With removable sludge trap and integrated, height adjustable upper section. Slotted cover 150 x 190 mm made of polymer, black, with Easy Entry Function.

  • Class K3 (able to withstand loads up to max. 300 kg).
  • According to EN 13564 Type 5.
  • The Drehfix is a compact basement drain for protecting individual drains against backwater from the sewer.
  • Thanks to its small design height, Drehfix fits into the recess of old cast drains.
  • It provides scoring possibilities for two further inlets. With twin flap backwater valve and odour trap Hand-lockable emergency closure (Visual control without removing the cover).
  • Step less installation with extension section Art. # 38 670.
  • Tool-free maintenance.
  • Fast & simple cleaning with one-hand quick-release fastener.
  • Height adjustable upper section
  • Basement drains with / without twin flap backwater valve