Flap Valve

We stock all sizes of quality made double hung flap valve in a lightweight ductile iron design. The circular aperture prevents reverse flow of water in outfall installations and is suitable for surface or storm water applications, and even marine versions are available in most sizes.

Typical installations include outfalls from treatment works, outfalls from, or into rivers and domestic water outfalls.

Main features of these products include tamper-proof stainless steel hinges on a ductile iron body and flap. They incorporate a flap lifting eye and superior metal seating, machined to a high quality finish, in a lightweight design – aiding handling and installation.

From size DN80 to size DN250 they come in a single link design. Above this size they are double linked. The finish is a high quality bonded epoxy coating with a minimum thickness of 300 microns, and predrilled for both wall and pipe flange mounting.

Fixing bolts are also available to suit your particular environment.

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Tamper-proof stainless steel hinge pins as standard

Body and flap manufactured from strong ductile iron

Incorporates a useful flap lifting eye

Superior metal seat facing machined to high quality finish

Lightweight design aids handling and installation

Single link design for sizes DN80 to DN250

Double link design for sizes DN300  upwards

Corrosion resistant construction coated in fusion bonded epoxy over 300 microns

pre-drilled to suit both wall and flange mounting

Bolt sets also available

Many items available from stock